Some of the best social innovations come from people operating far outside the structured R&D processes of big corporations or academic research labs.

The most radical innovators live on the edge of society: they are hackers, permaculturists, activists, artists. They are into crypto currencies, open source, sharing economy, nomadic lifestyles, new forms of learning, new familial constellations. Many are young. Many are parts of various minorities.

They are solution-oriented, quick learners, fail fast, don’t get stuck and can quickly adapt to changes.

You can never hire them – they would not get through your HR firewall, because your HR people don’t understand or recognize their qualifications. Even if they did get through HR, they would likely not want to work for you – many of them don’t function well in hierarchies and bureaucracy. Edgeryders provides an interface for them to keep true to themselves while meeting your accountability requirements. It’s a bit like safe sex: it allows experimentation at minimum risk. Everyone wins.

With Open Consultancy, Edgeryders can contribute towards the good of everyone:

  • Good for the Client. We create the context for collaboration, rather than hostility or conflict, between large, corporate organizations and networks of radical innovators. This collaboration can be incredibly fruitful, and by not having it the client is missing out big time.
  • Good for the Community. We connect radical innovators and other people at the edge with opportunities for work that will pay the bills and make a meaningful contribution to the journey of the human species.
  • Good for the Planet. By working together, the client and the community can contribute towards solving the most pressing issues affecting the planet and our species in it.

To explore how we can work together write to or call me: Mobile +32 485 079 163 | Landline +32 258 812 68 | Skype niasan

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